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We help organisations create better experiences, develop new technology and build smarter products.


the future

We help ambitious organisations out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition. Together we attempt technology moonshots and create world firsts.

We are a product design consultancy, creative technology studio and R&D lab based in Bristol. At Ignitec we create the landmark products, experiences and services of tomorrow. We call them ‘game changers’ – products that shake up markets, drive company fortunes and re-draw consumer expectations. Guided by a spirit of boldness and ambition, we help global businesses to seize opportunities and shape the future.


Virtual Reality


Internet of Things


Wearable Tech


Gaming devices


Data Logging


Medical devices

We work with bold organisations and together we create products, technology and experiences which change the world.

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We find the opportunities and create smarter, more connected products and experiences.

We create the next generation of connected products, data driven devices and smart technology. From devices and hardware to the apps and software which connect them, we create product ecosystems that deliver seamless experiences.


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