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An innovative product design, research and development consultancy based in Bristol, we work with companies and innovators to build smarter products, develop new technologies and create better consumer experiences.

Excited by industrial design, we apply our expertise, passion and empathy to align humans and technology in each product we create.

  • turn smart-home control dial
    smart room controls for the connected home
  • VRGo motion control for virtual reality prototype
    Immersive VR controller
  • QUBI3 workspace management system
    low-cost, energy-efficient workspace management device
  • NGIMU inertial measurement unit
    A new generation of inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Mi.Mu wearable music technology gloves imogen heap
    creating and performing music through movement and gesture
  • Audio Wings smart headphones 3d printed prototype
    Smart headphones for music lovers on the move
  • Moontrak smart moon tracking jewellery prototype
    Fitness tracking meets the moon
  • Food Chain food storage 3d printing product design and development
    Food storage solution
  • healthcare robotics development
    Could healthcare robotics lead to surgery without surgeons?
    10th August 2018
  • wearable technology
    Powering wearables will require a more flexible approach
    14th August 2018
  • robotics product development
    iRobot: AI robot developed that can choose to inflict pain
    15th August 2018
  • internet of things
    Combining energy harvesting to power the Internet of Things
    19th August 2018
  • brexit flags
    What will Brexit mean for UK businesses that manufacture in China
    3rd September 2018
  • Is your office job safe from artificial intelligence?
    12th September 2018
  • Ultra-thin electronics could thin out the wearables herd
    18th September 2018
  • Voice control to become “bedrock” of the smart home
    25th September 2018
  • Industry 4.0 is coming
    1st October 2018