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Unlock your startup’s potential with our Kickstarter Prototype service. With Ignitec, transform your concept into a tangible, fundable prototype quickly and cost-effectively.
The Ignitec advantage
Our Kickstarter Prototype service turns your dream into a reality. We cut the fat, deliver fast, and lean on our wide network to give you the best Kickstarter launch possible. Get in touch for a free consultation and manufacturing cost estimate.
Why use our Kickstarter Prototype service?
  • Free, upfront estimates and feasibility: Assess the feasibility of your project without spending a penny, we can provide manufacturing cost estimates and project costs from a free consultation.
  • Working Prototype: We deliver a fully functional prototype that showcases your idea’s potential and demonstrates its feasibility.
  • Manufacturing Plan: Our expert team develops a detailed manufacturing plan, utilising our global manufacturing network, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to production.
  • Lean Prototyping Process: We streamline the prototyping process to save time and resources, allowing you to focus on your campaign’s success.
  • Global Supplier Network: Leveraging our vast network of trusted partners, we can connect you with reliable manufacturers and suppliers, helping you secure competitive pricing and timelines.
  • Kickstarter Expertise: With years of experience supporting Kickstarter campaigns, we understand the platform’s nuances and requirements, guiding you every step of the way.
  • Products designed to your budget: We understand the sensitivity of product cost and work with you to hit your target product cost.
  • Certifications & Testing: Our services include assistance with certifications and testing, ensuring your product meets all necessary standards and regulations.
  • Design Expertise: Our team excels in concept design, industrial design and electronic design, ensuring your product is visually compelling and has the functionality to appeal to potential backers.
  • Marketing Strategies: We offer marketing strategies to help you effectively communicate your product’s unique value proposition to your target audience.
  • Access to Approved Suppliers: Through our extensive network, you gain access to trusted suppliers, including web design, PR, marketing and patent experts, who can further support your campaign’s success.
  • Manufacturing Cost Estimates: We provide accurate manufacturing cost estimates, allowing you to set realistic funding goals for your campaign.
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The challenges startups face

Embarking on a Kickstarter campaign can be a daunting journey for any startup, especially those at a very early stage. It is a path fraught with multiple hurdles, from knowing the precise requirements to turning a great idea into a feasible, tangible prototype ready for public funding. This is where Ignitec’s Kickstarter Prototype service comes into play.

More than a decade of experience with Kickstarter Prototypes

Having supported numerous startups across a broad spectrum of technology-focused industries for more than a decade, we understand the unique challenges that come with Kickstarter campaigns. Ignitec’s multidisciplinary team is adept at swiftly turning your innovative concepts into Kickstarter-ready prototypes. We leverage our experience and expertise in product and technology development to optimise the process, ensuring that it’s as lean and efficient as possible.

A tailored, lean approach

Our Kickstarter Prototype service is tailored to the needs of startups. We know that at this critical stage, every penny and minute counts. That’s why we offer a process that’s pared down to the essentials. This allows you to move quickly towards your funding goals while keeping costs to a minimum.

Guidance through the Kickstarter Process

The Kickstarter Prototype service we offer is more than just design and build. We provide comprehensive guidance through the whole process, ensuring that you can successfully navigate the complexities of a Kickstarter campaign. From understanding the rules and requirements to mapping out the process and evaluating your idea’s potential success, our team is there to support you every step of the way.

Leveraging our global network

Moreover, Ignitec’s strength lies in its network of trusted partners globally. We can connect you with a plethora of additional services, from testing and certification to video production, web design, and social media support. We can also help you with manufacturing costs and lead times, helping you factor these into your plan.

Broad range of services

With Ignitec’s Kickstarter Prototype service, you’ll have access to a wide range of capabilities including concept design, industrial design, 3D CAD design, PCB design, electronic design, hardware design, 3D printed prototypes.

Designing a Kickstarter success story with VR start-up

Translating movement in the real world into motion in the virtual world


Helping fitness startup take a bite of the USD 335B nutrition market

Food Chain
The ultimate nutritional product for performance athletes


Helping a smart jewellery startup take an ambitious moonshot

Smart jewellery tracks your mood and fitness


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  • Great team to work with. Real can-do attitude and lots of great suggestions. Thanks!

    Tom Marshall-Andrews Avatar Tom Marshall-Andrews
    28th February 2024

    Ignitec were great to work with - they helped us from concept through to the delivery of the project, with great attention to detail and weekly check-ins that kept us... read more

    Adam Stark Avatar Adam Stark
    16th February 2024

    It's rare to find a company so driven to please its customers. Ignitec have bent over backwards to help us get our fledgling product off the ground. The project hasn't... read more

    Zeke Steer Avatar Zeke Steer
    3rd August 2023
  • Jeevika Sahajwani Avatar Jeevika Sahajwani
    23rd June 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023
  • Florencio Cabrera Fernandez Avatar Florencio Cabrera Fernandez
    14th April 2023

    I have worked with the Ignitec team for several years on many different projects and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of truly creative ideas and cutting edge... read more

    Christian Thorne Avatar Christian Thorne
    14th August 2022

    Peter Bonnington Avatar Peter Bonnington
    14th June 2022
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