Our team combines nearly 100 years of expertise in Science, Research, Industrial Design, Electronic Design, Software Design and Prototype Development. We create devices, Embedded Systems, Mobile Apps and Software which address real needs and meet those needs beautifully.

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Design Thinking

Busy. Blinkered. Doing what you have always done. But the competition aren’t standing still. Our approach helps organisations out-think and out-manoeuvre the competition without out-spending them.

We look for those untapped opportunities when you are facing increasing pressures or new competition. We are a group of creative minds who spend much of our time looking at similar problems faced by similar businesses. We find bold ways to elevate your presence by conceiving new and relevant strategies, products and services which place your brand front and centre. We run creative sessions which uncover exciting new opportunities and new ways to engage and inspire your market. We help raise your profile by creating products and shows of technology that drive growth by tapping into unmet consumer needs and exploiting market opportunities revealed by our sessions. We look at your competitors’ activities, the needs of your consumers and how they are currently being met. We combine this with a unique insight in Design, Technology and Software to produce a roadmap to disrupt your industry and shake up your competitors.


Research Processes

We are inspired by understanding. We believe research led design makes business sense, it is the bedrock for creating insightful and impactful products and experiences of the future.

Our research methodologies take two forms; human centred and science centred. Human centred research concerns itself with things which are felt, perceived or experienced and our research in this area seeks to improve human interactions and experiences through observation and study. Our science centred research combines creative design thinking and scientific investigation in equal measure and through this empirical process we seek to answer more quantifiable questions addressing ways to improve performance or discover new ways of doing things.


Helping to define “Better”

We employ two distinctive research methodologies; human centred and scientifically led . Together they produce products which perform better and are better to use.

Both of these processes, although very different, generate value. Human centred research focuses on generating new insights which, when applied generate stronger, more memorable consumer experiences and increased customer loyalty. Science focused research focuses on where your market is now, available technology and opportunities that presents. It generates insights which can lead to new IP and new ways to do things which are measurably better, whether that means faster, more efficient or more effective.


Electronic Design

Insightful, innovative and appropriate application of technology is the driving force behind everything we do. We create microcontroller based systems which are the brains behind our smart devices.

We design smart electronics and microprocessor embedded systems. Electronic systems which are faster, smaller and more efficient; multi-layer, surface mount devices which do more with less. From PCB design and layout to production ready product; our expertise includes everything you might expect. We design analog, digital and mixed signal sensor based devices which incorporate the latest RF technologies such as Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, WiFi, NFC, RFID and GPS. All of our design, assembly and testing is carried out in-house which means that we stay in complete control of timescales and quality and you can rest assured that deadlines will be met.

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Industrial Design

We help bold organisations grow by thinking years ahead; identifying and exploiting market opportunities, understanding consumer wants and needs and appropriately answering them with the latest technology.

We explore possibilities, connecting creative thinking and sound scientific knowledge. We look for unmet consumer needs and market opportunities and combine them with a diverse skill set and close to 100 years of combined experience spanning research, industrial design, electronics and software. This potent mix of creative skill and broad experience make us a formidable asset to our client’s R&D teams.


Mobile Apps

No matter what the challenge, there will be an app which turns your mobile device into the solution, and if there isn’t one yet, we are here to help you create it.

Smartphones, tablets and wearable devices are all powered by Apps. The beauty of apps is that they can transform any device into hundreds of other devices on the fly, from your enthusiastic gym buddy to your guide to unfamiliar places. The myriad of sensors contained within these devices can be re-purposed to do virtually anything. At Ignitec we believe the future of smart devices is in convergence. That is, the culmination of everything you will ever need in your day to day life contained in your smart device, from phonebook to video camera. The key is the apps which power these devices, they allow you to re-purpose these sophisticated pieces of hardware with almost infinite possibilities, making them the ultimate personal assistant for work and play.


Software Design

Data is beautiful. At Ignitec we create seamless software experiences which collect and manipulate data and control smart devices.


At Ignitec we create smart devices. That usually means collecting, interpreting, analysing or displaying data, personalising a device or in some other way interacting through software. We create seamless integration between devices and software.

At Ignitec, we think data is beautiful, it tells a story. Data is the lifeblood of business in recent times and how that data is presented and interpreted is everything. Our software design often runs hand in hand with the data logging devices we develop as a means of understanding complex sensor based systems for all kinds of applications. Regardless of platform, we create software which delivers great user experiences and deep insights through beautiful data.

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