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Realise the potential of your health tech startup with our expert team at Ignitec. We remove the complexities of technical development, enabling you to focus on securing investment and pushing your business forward.
The Ignitec advantage
The Ignitec advantage is our ability to transform your health tech startup idea into a tangible product, quickly and efficiently.
Why use our Health Tech Startup Service?
  • All-Inclusive Partnership: Ignitec is your single partner, managing every aspect of your product development. This reduces project drag and risk, streamlining your route to market.
  • Investor Confidence: High-quality prototypes and well designed products enhance investor confidence in your startup’s potential.
  • Expert Team: Leveraging the skills of our multidisciplinary design and innovation team, we provide an end-to-end design and technology solution, from concept to launch.
  • We do it all: From the mechanical design to the code, our team has been designing and developing health tech products for more than a decade
  • Rapid Prototyping: Our in-house prototyping ensures a swift turnaround from idea to physical product, enabling you to demonstrate your concept effectively.
  • Time-Efficiency: Our streamlined process enables you to focus on critical business aspects like honing your business plan and raising funding.
  • Quality Prototypes: We provide high-quality prototypes to help you gain investor confidence.
  • Faster to Market: With Ignitec, you achieve a minimum viable product rapidly, facilitating early data collection and trials.
  • Risk Mitigation: With our extensive experience, we reduce the risks associated with product development.
  • Flexibility: We offer services on a project-by-project basis or provide ongoing support according to your needs.
  • Product Quality: Our meticulous attention to design, functionality, and durability results in top-tier health tech products that stand out in the market.
  • Supply Chain Setup: Our services extend beyond product development; we help set up your supply chain for a smooth market launch.
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Accelerate Your Growth with Ignitec

In the dynamic landscape of health tech, Ignitec provides a launchpad for startups looking to shape the future. We offer an all-in-one service that allows you to focus on the core areas of your business – strategy, fundraising, and marketing, while we handle the technicalities of product development.

Human-Centred Design Approach

At Ignitec, we firmly believe that a health tech startup’s success hinges on how well its product aligns with users’ needs. Our user-centred design methodology ensures that your product resonates with its intended users. From initial user testing to incorporate feedback into product concepts, every step we take is driven by the end-users’ requirements. By creating products that users connect with, we help health tech startups deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference.

Boosting Investor Confidence

Raising funds and garnering investor interest is a significant aspect of a health tech startup’s journey. The confidence of investors in your startup is often tied to the potential of your product. With Ignitec, you don’t just get a prototype – you get a well-researched, robustly designed, and thoroughly tested prototype that reflects your vision. Our high-quality prototypes help establish your product’s feasibility and viability, providing a tangible foundation for your pitches, thereby bolstering investor confidence in your startup’s potential.

Design and Prototyping Expertise

Your product concept is the cornerstone of your health tech startup. We bring your idea to life with our top-notch design services. From initial design research and concept development to 3D product rendering and CAD design, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to create high-quality prototypes.

Quick MVP Development

The faster you can present a viable product to the market, the quicker you can start collecting crucial user data and generating investor interest. Ignitec excels in rapid prototype development, enabling you to progress swiftly from a proof-of-concept prototype to a Minimum Viable Product.

Robust Risk Management

Navigating the complex regulatory landscape is a daunting challenge for health tech startups. Our risk analysis services help you foresee potential hurdles, enabling strategic planning that keeps your product development on track.

Manufacturing Support

Once your product design is ready, the next step is manufacturing. We make this transition seamless with our design for manufacture services. Whether it’s designing for harsh environments, creating IP-rated enclosures, or custom enclosure design, we’ve got you covered.

Supply Chain Establishment

Having a robust supply chain is crucial for ensuring consistent product availability in the market. We aid in establishing dependable manufacturing services, equipping your health tech startup with a reliable supply chain that matches your business growth.

End-to-End Consultancy

Health tech startups often grapple with finding the right talent across diverse domains. Ignitec, with a multi-disciplinary team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, and software developers, offers end-to-end solutions, from concept to launch, saving you the trouble of building an in-house team.

Save Time and Resources

Partnering with Ignitec not only accelerates your time to market but also optimises your resources. Our experience in the health tech industry, coupled with our extensive service offerings, reduces your operational overheads and mitigates risks, leading to efficient use of your precious startup capital.

A Proven Track Record

With more than a decade of experience supporting health tech startups, Ignitec’s expertise is tried and tested. Our extensive portfolio of successful projects stands testament to our commitment to turning innovative ideas into market-ready products.

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Designing Assistive Technology: Empowering Smartbox Users Through Innovation


Smart jewellery tracks your mood and fitness


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  • Great team to work with. Real can-do attitude and lots of great suggestions. Thanks!

    Tom Marshall-Andrews Avatar Tom Marshall-Andrews
    28th February 2024

    Ignitec were great to work with - they helped us from concept through to the delivery of the project, with great attention to detail and weekly check-ins that kept us... read more

    Adam Stark Avatar Adam Stark
    16th February 2024

    It's rare to find a company so driven to please its customers. Ignitec have bent over backwards to help us get our fledgling product off the ground. The project hasn't... read more

    Zeke Steer Avatar Zeke Steer
    3rd August 2023
  • Jeevika Sahajwani Avatar Jeevika Sahajwani
    23rd June 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023
  • Florencio Cabrera Fernandez Avatar Florencio Cabrera Fernandez
    14th April 2023

    I have worked with the Ignitec team for several years on many different projects and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of truly creative ideas and cutting edge... read more

    Christian Thorne Avatar Christian Thorne
    14th August 2022

    Peter Bonnington Avatar Peter Bonnington
    14th June 2022
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