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An award-winning multi-disciplinary team that collaborates closely with clients to move from product concept to design to prototype at speed.

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Helping global clients out-think the competition and create world firsts since 2013

Our bold approach, scientific mindset and fearless, game-changing ambition proves we believe in being the first and the best. Our momentum gives our clients the confidence to think years ahead, seize product opportunities others missed and take their design into fast-moving industries.

Our agency is for courageous, forward-thinking organisations who want to be the first to market, out-thinking and out-manoeuvring the competition.

Unique Approach
Innovative Results

We deliver large-scale industrial-design projects and hard-hitting results.

Last year, we helped our clients to reshape multi-billion-pound industries through scientific R&D, generated 11 patented inventions and enabled industrial partners to ship more than 50 million products globally.

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I cannot recommend Ignitec highly enough – truly world class, extremely impressive creativity, professional, easy to work with, great value add ideas and very fast. I have no hesitation at all in endorsing Ignitec and look forward to working with them again on the next project.

Alan Woodhouse Weightless SIG / Chair Marketing

Ignitec is a company that has listened very carefully to everything we’ve said, talked through all the options and explored all the important aspects of our product and its future. The development work is progressive and controlled with innovative solutions and ideas being frequently discussed.

Jeff Birkin Ultramarine Safety / Managing Director

Ignitec combined expert technical knowledge with a practical commercial understanding to help develop a really great product. Not only is their service ultra professional but it is also very creative which makes the process exciting and productive. I will continue to outsource my R&D projects to them and would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Gareth Sherry Cozibud / Managing Director

It has been a pleasure working with Ignitec. Their creativity has really helped add another dimension to our project, whilst their ability to rapidly and accurately sketch and bring our concept to life has enabled the project to comfortably meet a tight deadline. I would definitely work with Ignitec again and would happily recommend them.

Jeff Birkin Ultramarine Safety / Managing Director