Will you sign Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we have an NDA we can share with you or you can send us yours if you prefer.

How long will a project take?

This will depend on a few factors such as what the objectives of the project are and the complexity and scale of the project. As a general guide, projects last between 1-12 months with the majority taking between 3-6 months.

When can you start?

If it is your first time working with us then we will start with a short, intro meeting soon after we receive your enquiry. We will then discuss timescales with you. There is normally a 4-6 week waiting period on projects involving larger teams. For existing clients starting new projects, the waiting time can be a lot shorter.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary from one project to another, get in touch and we will be able to give you a cost estimation.

How do we start?

The best thing to do is contact us using the form on the contact page. We will get in touch with you to arrange an introduction call. From there we can provide a cost estimation and gather details to give you a project proposal.

What sectors do you normally work in?

Most of our work is in IoT, health tech, life science, wearables, medical and defence sectors.

Where are you based?

We are based in Bristol in the Southwest of the UK.

What software do you use?

A few of the tools we use:

  • Solidworks
  • Keyshot
  • Altium
  • KiCad
  • Eagle
  • Visual Studio
  • Mbed studio
  • LTSpice
How long have you been in business?

Ignitec started trading on the 8th of April 2013. In that time we have worked with hundreds of clients on many hundreds of projects and produced millions of products.

Do you have a quality management system?

Yes, we maintain an ISO9001:2015 quality management system. You can read more about it on our quality management page.

Do you provide discounts for equity?

No, sorry. We don’t seek equity in our clients’ businesses.

Do you have any special rates for not for profits?

Yes, get in touch to discuss this with us.

Who owns the IP?

Once all fees have been paid, you own absolutely everything.

Do I get the editable, source files when they are finished?

Once all fees have been paid, yes.

How do you protect your clients' data?

As part of keeping your data safe we don’t publicly disclose how we do it. We have implemented a disaster recovery plan which sets out procedures and precautions for various disaster scenarios. Multiple live and non-live versions of data are stored on cloud-based and non-cloud-based servers across different geographical locations. Additional measures include physical access controls, biometric security, 2FA and AES-256 encryption.

What kind of organisations do you normally work with?

Our client split is about 70% large organisations, 20% SME and 10% startups. Our clients will generally have established products in the market with a lot of resources committed to operations and manufacturing but have a small design and/or research and development function.

Do you only work with clients in the UK?

No, we work globally, in fact the vast majority of our work is done with international clients.

Do you work with start-ups?

Yes, we do in most cases.

However, you must be a corporate entity; in the UK, this means a limited company or PLC. The requirements are equivalent for other countries. We will need to do a little extra due diligence with start-ups to ensure adequate funds and we may ask for evidence of funding, trading statements, additional guarantees or references. We deem a start-up as a limited entity which has been trading less than 3 years. We understand that some (or all) of these may not be available and so will review each case by case.

Check what you need to work with us, get in touch.

How can I send you a Request for Quotation or Request for Proposal?

To send us an RFQ or RFP, please contact us using the contact form.

Planning your next project?

Discuss your project with one of our engineers to find out how we can help.