Rapid Electronic Design Service

From concept to production, we deliver expertise in circuit design and embedded systems for industries including defence, medical, automotive, and IoT. Ensure your project’s success with our market-ready solutions tailored for challenging environments.
Get to market faster with the help of our electronic design team, end-to-end support, and global manufacturing network.
  • Design Expertise, Now: Get expert electronic design resources on your project quickly to meet tight deadlines and complex requirements.
  • Full-Service Solution: Provide your specifications and we handle all aspects of design and development, delivering a hassle-free experience.
  • Regular communication We will set up a regular call with your project manager to ensure you are always kept up to date.
  • Fast Design and Rapid Prototyping: Our streamlined processes ensure quick turnaround times from initial design to working prototypes.
  • Global Manufacturing Network: We manufacture in the UK, Europe, USA, and Far East, optimizing for cost, speed, and compliance to meet your specific needs.
  • Comprehensive Testing Capabilities: From basic bring-up testing to custom functional tests, we cover all your testing needs to ensure product reliability.
  • Firmware Development and Software Integration: Our engineers collaborate closely with you to develop and integrate software that brings your hardware to life.
  • Guidance Through Compliance: Navigate the testing and compliance landscape with our expert support, ensuring your product meets all regulatory standards.
Medical Devices Automotive Consumer Electronics Defence and Aerospace Telecoms Industrial Automation Energy and Utilities Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Technology Marine and Subsea Healthcare Technology Robotics Agriculture Technology Entertainment and Gaming Smart Home Transportation and Logistics

Our capabilities at a glance

Analogue Digital and mixed signal devices Low power wearables Internet of things (IoT) Wifi Bluetooth Zigbee GSM NFC LoRa Body sensor networks (ECG, GSR, HR, BP, EMG, RR) Sensing IMU (gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer) Time of flight Gas and liquid sensing and control Mass flow controllers (MFCs) Humidity control Dispensing systems Microfluidic systems and dosing Bespoke testbench devices Piezo actuators and haptics Heating and cooling Technology demonstrators FPGA Verilog VHDL PID control systems Xilinx RS232 RS485 Modbus Ethernet CAN bus J1939 SPI I2C UART Embedded software C/C++ Eagle Mbed Free RTOS KiCAD Altium Kiel LTSpice Digital system design 8, 16 & 32 bit microcontrollers PIC ARM AVR PCB design 2-16 layer rigid, flexi and semi-flexible boards Global manufacturing network

Accelerate Your Innovation with Expert Electronic Design and Rapid Prototyping

Speed up your product development with our expert design and fast prototyping. We quickly turn ideas into working models, helping you iterate and improve your products faster. This approach cuts down on development time and gets your products to market quicker.

Global Manufacturing Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Use our global manufacturing network across the UK, Europe, USA, and Far East to get the right balance of cost, speed, and compliance for your project. We manage the details, so you can focus on scaling your production efficiently wherever it suits your business best.

Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software for Robust Solutions

We don’t just design hardware; we also develop the firmware and software that makes it work seamlessly together. By closely collaborating with you, we ensure the software perfectly fits the hardware, improving the functionality and reliability of your product.

West technology forensics Forensic autorotator
Mesh Global
Ignitec®’s End-to-End Subsea Hardware Solution: A Case Study with Mesh Global


Aarhus University
Design and Manufacturing of Environmental Monitoring Technology


Custom NFC device and tag emulator design



Will you sign an NDA

Yes, get in touch with us and we will advise you on how to get an NDA set up.

Our previous electronic engineer has left and I need to make a change to a design, can you help?

Yes, get in touch with us and we can take a look at your design.

I have an old piece of hardware which need updating and no design files, can you help?

Yes, get in touch with us and we can discuss options for updating your design.

I have a design and some of the parts have gone obsolete, can you help?

Yes, get in touch with us and we can discuss options for sourcing new parts and updating your design.

What types of electronic design services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive services including circuit design, schematic capture, PCB layout, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and software integration tailored to industries like medical, automotive, and IoT.

How quickly can you start working on my project?

We can begin design work on your project as soon as we understand your requirements, often starting within a few days of initial contact.

Do you handle manufacturing as well as design?

Yes, we provide full manufacturing services through our global network, ensuring your product is produced efficiently and to high standards.

Can you assist with product compliance and certifications?

Absolutely, we guide you through the entire compliance and certification process to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

What makes your prototyping service stand out?

Our prototyping service is fast and efficient, allowing for rapid iterations and testing to perfect your product before mass production.

Can you help with software and firmware too?

Yes, our engineers work closely with you to develop and integrate software that complements the hardware, ensuring seamless functionality and performance.

What industries do you specialise in for electronic design?

We specialise in electronic design for industries such as medical, automotive, defence, and IoT, among others.

Can you handle both small and large production volumes?

Yes, our global manufacturing capabilities allow us to scale production to accommodate both small batches (usually 1-2 units minimum) and large-scale runs (>100,000) effectively.

What technologies do you incorporate in your designs?

We work with a range of technologies including all common wireless technologies, FPGA, and microcontrollers, tailored to your project’s needs.

How do you manage project communication and updates?

We maintain open and regular communication with our clients, providing updates at every stage of the project to ensure transparency and alignment.

What support do you offer post-manufacture?

We offer ongoing support after manufacturing, including troubleshooting, further iterations, and additional compliance assistance if needed.

Can you assist with other aspects of my project, such as mechanical design, custom enclosures, and housings?

Yes, we can help with mechanical design, custom enclosures, and housings, providing a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of your product’s physical design.

How long does prototyping and manufacturing take?

Prototyping typically takes 1-2 weeks, though we offer a 24-48 hour fast track option for urgent needs. Manufacturing larger volumes generally takes about 4 weeks.

How long does a project take from start to finish?

Typically, projects take between 4 and 12 weeks depending on complexity. Larger and more complex projects may extend up to 6 months or more, and these are usually structured in smaller stages of 4-12 weeks each.

I don’t know what my requirements are

Get in touch for a free consultation and our team will be happy to advise you.

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  • Great team to work with. Real can-do attitude and lots of great suggestions. Thanks!

    Tom Marshall-Andrews Avatar Tom Marshall-Andrews
    28th February 2024

    Ignitec were great to work with - they helped us from concept through to the delivery of the project, with great attention to detail and weekly check-ins that kept us... read more

    Adam Stark Avatar Adam Stark
    16th February 2024

    It's rare to find a company so driven to please its customers. Ignitec have bent over backwards to help us get our fledgling product off the ground. The project hasn't... read more

    Zeke Steer Avatar Zeke Steer
    3rd August 2023
  • Jeevika Sahajwani Avatar Jeevika Sahajwani
    23rd June 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023
  • Florencio Cabrera Fernandez Avatar Florencio Cabrera Fernandez
    14th April 2023

    I have worked with the Ignitec team for several years on many different projects and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of truly creative ideas and cutting edge... read more

    Christian Thorne Avatar Christian Thorne
    14th August 2022

    Peter Bonnington Avatar Peter Bonnington
    14th June 2022
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