Ignitec’s Prototyping Lab: Your Solution for Rapid Innovation

Need swift, accurate prototypes? Ignitec’s prototyping lab is the solution. We bring your ideas to life, offering an end-to-end service that accelerates your innovation journey.
The Ignitec advantage
Unlock the potential of your ideas with our prototyping lab. Our multi-disciplinary team takes your concepts and swiftly transforms them into tested, ready-to-launch prototypes.
Why use our prototyping lab service?
  • Rapid prototyping: Greatly reduce your development time and speed up your time-to-market.
  • Extensive capabilities: From mechanical to electronic prototyping, our lab handles it all.
  • Iterative process: Produce prototypes overnight, make changes, and repeat to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Versatility: We prototype products, PCBs, housings, and much more in our lab.
  • Holistic support: Beyond prototyping, we help with the design process, turning your requirements into tangible results.
24-hour prototypes 3D printing FDM 3D printing Objet 3D printing SLA 3D printing CNC machined prototypes Laser cut prototypes Plastic prototypes Rubber prototypes Metal prototypes Sheet metal prototypes Multi-material 3D printed prototypes Transparent prototypes Low cost rapid prototypes High accuracy rapid prototypes Functional rapid prototypes Over-moulded plastic and rubber prototypes Rugged and robust rapid prototypes High temperature prototypes Electronic prototype design PCB prototype design 3D printed electronic housings Customised electronic housings Short run PCB manufacture Rapid product developmen 24-hour prototype service

Detailed Prototyping Capabilities

The key to effective prototyping lies in the detail. Our prototyping lab is equipped with a multitude of services to cater to your unique needs. Whether it’s multi-material 3D printed prototypes, transparent prototypes, or high-accuracy rapid prototypes, our team is adept at delivering precise results that reflect your vision accurately.

Designing Durable Prototypes

Our expertise extends beyond creating prototypes; we build functional, robust prototypes that stand the test of real-world use. We offer over-moulded plastic and rubber prototypes, rugged and robust rapid prototypes, and high-temperature prototypes, ensuring your product can withstand various conditions and usage scenarios.

Prototyping Electronics with Precision

When it comes to electronic prototyping, Ignitec’s lab ensures detailed and functional results. Services such as PCB prototype design, 3D printed electronic housings, and customised electronic housings are part of our extensive offering. We also provide a short run PCB manufacture service to support your product development process.

The Ignitec Advantage in Rapid Product Development

Entrusting your prototyping needs to Ignitec means benefiting from our rapid product development approach. Our 24-hour prototype service, combined with our multi-disciplinary team’s expertise, ensures that your product development journey is efficient and timely, bringing your innovations to life faster than you thought possible.

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Ignitec®’s End-to-End Subsea Hardware Solution: A Case Study with Mesh Global


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  • Great team to work with. Real can-do attitude and lots of great suggestions. Thanks!

    Tom Marshall-Andrews Avatar Tom Marshall-Andrews
    28th February 2024

    Ignitec were great to work with - they helped us from concept through to the delivery of the project, with great attention to detail and weekly check-ins that kept us... read more

    Adam Stark Avatar Adam Stark
    16th February 2024

    It's rare to find a company so driven to please its customers. Ignitec have bent over backwards to help us get our fledgling product off the ground. The project hasn't... read more

    Zeke Steer Avatar Zeke Steer
    3rd August 2023
  • Jeevika Sahajwani Avatar Jeevika Sahajwani
    23rd June 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023

    Ben and his team are just brilliant. In terms of quality, cost and every other important metric, Ignitec really deliver. Every encounter becomes a discussion with loads of good advice... read more

    UltraMarine Safety Avatar UltraMarine Safety
    17th May 2023
  • Florencio Cabrera Fernandez Avatar Florencio Cabrera Fernandez
    14th April 2023

    I have worked with the Ignitec team for several years on many different projects and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of truly creative ideas and cutting edge... read more

    Christian Thorne Avatar Christian Thorne
    14th August 2022

    Peter Bonnington Avatar Peter Bonnington
    14th June 2022
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