We don’t believe in creating “more of the same”.  We are here to engineer solutions to the biggest problems and create products with purpose.

Our expertise


Technology demonstrators

We help bold organisations plant seeds which pave the way to brighter futures. Together we engineer one off devices and shows of technology which demonstrate ambitious leaps forward.

With this vision, we combine a potent mix of creative thinking, scientific process and diverse technical design knowledge and lead the charge for technological step changes. Our design philosophy is bold and simple; think differently, take the unfamiliar roads, embrace the new and challenge ourselves to prove what is possible. Technology demonstrators, lab test bench devices and test rigs are an integral part of our R&D design process where we build devices to explore and validate wild ideas and attempt things which have never been done before.


Mass produced Devices

We design mass market devices and consumer products which delight and inspire. Through insightful research, an empathetic design approach and extensive experience in developing products which are shipped in their millions, we help bold organisations plan and execute the game changing products of tomorrow.

We believe in designing products and technology with purpose; products which fulfil a genuine need and meet that need beautifully. We design and engineer smart devices which redefine categories and set new industry paradigms. Our mission is to work with organisations who share our vision and ambition to create high volume technology products which change the world. Guided by this vision and backed by nearly a century of combined experience taking products to market, we help clients be the first and be the best and create high volume products which matter.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, whilst still in its infancy, will become one of the most powerful tools of this century for enabling brands to engage with their followers. We are helping pioneers in this space set new benchmarks and create unforgettable experiences.

It is not all about novelty, the practical applications are almost limitless, from entertainment, to training, to simulation of dangerous scenarios. The key is connecting what your eyes are seeing to what your body is feeling and making experiences and interactions feel natural. We are helping the innovators and early adopters in this space design new products and software and create unforgettable experiences. Our experience in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality means we are well placed to deliver these mind-blowing products and experiences to win the hearts and minds of consumers.

Wearable Technology

We love Wearable Technology because the design constraints of size, power and usability allow us to push the limits of technology and what is possible.

Being a relatively young market with so many possibilities yet to be exploited, wearables is a golden opportunity for organisations looking to branch out into new markets. With applications in Healthcare, Medicine, Military, Fitness, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Entertainment and Industry it’s no wonder this market is seeing strong growth. At Ignitec we start by looking at the way people behave and the difficulties people face in everyday life. From fun to fitness, we help trend setting organisations identify opportunities to seize in this space, creating unforgettable experiences and designing devices you can’t live without.


Internet of things

We believe in greater integration and deep, widespread connectivity; where the devices and services that matter to us work together seamlessly as they enhance our work and play.

At Ignitec we embrace integration and smarter networks that make our work and play easier and make more time for the things we love. At the heart of this movement is The Internet of Things and the sharing of data between devices which means you have a little less to remember and a little less worry about each day. And we could all do with a little more of that – because time is our most precious commodity! We help businesses identify opportunities in this space and design devices which make people’s lives a little easier and a little more connected, because we believe greater connectivity is the key to the future success of consumer devices.


Gaming devices

We design hardware and software experiences which delight pro and casual gamers alike. We explore, design, build, test and validate many control systems; from headsets, to mice, keyboards and gamepads and VR control devices.

Gaming is growing, the demographic scope of ‘gamers’ is expanding and the style in which we play is developing, the game is changing. No longer the domain of the hardcore few, we game on smart devices, we all have powerful gaming devices in our pockets with hyper realistic gameplay, not to mention super powerful PCs and consoles at home– all recognisable mediums through which to enjoy our favourite guilty pleasure or welcome release at the end of a stressful day. Gaming is a professional sport now too. E-sports champions are now revered as athletes and role models to many. We help organisations design new software and hardware experiences that exceed the expectations of hardcore and casual gamers alike.


Data logging Lab devices

Our philosophy is centered around helping our clients be the first and be the best. From the sports field to the lab; whatever “the best” looks like in your industry, we can help define benchmarks and set new standards.

We design and develop complex, sensor based data logging devices for many applications and the objective is always to answer two questions; “Is it better” and “how much better is it”. Whether it be sports performance or laboratory based experiments, we design and build bespoke sensor based data-logging hardware with fully integrated, smart software to better understand the effects of doing things differently. We work with organisations to design data logging systems as a standalone solution and also as a means to finding new and better ways to do things. In the industries we work in, data is King and we provide the data which gives you the confidence to take leaps ahead of the competition. We work in a number of niches including sports performance, microfluidics, airflow, heating and heat transfer systems.

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Medical & Drug delivery

We collaborate with research institutions and device manufacturers to design and develop surgical instruments and drug delivery products which are safer and more effective.

Our expertise in healthcare product design extends from Laparoscopic devices to microfluidic drug delivery systems and it has helped global organisations gain competitive advantage through our scientific research and development process. We help medical device manufacturers to innovate, explore new possibilities and develop new devices which are safer and more effective. Our medical device design process allows new opportunities and proof of concepts to be explored and validated quickly before supporting our clients through device testing, clinical trials and approvals.

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