We are product design consultants working at the intersection of products, electronics and software, helping to create the next generation of products that make a difference to people’s lives.

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What unites our work? It is centred on innovation and smart technology. It represents something which others have not thought of or perhaps considered too challenging. From mass produced devices to unique, one off prototypes and specialised low volume devices, we create smart devices that bring tangible commercial advantage and drive growth for our clients.

Small is Beautiful

From handheld to wearable devices, we specialise in creating smart things in small packages. From sensors and data logging to lab devices, microfluidic systems to drug delivery, atomisation systems to one off technology demonstrators, small is always beautiful at Ignitec.

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Product Research and Development

We aim for a creative leap but always from a strong platform. We build that platform by understanding the user experience, asking the right questions and challenging assumptions. It’s a culture where ideas are encouraged and cherished. We then apply a robust research methodology to test, explore and demonstrate new ideas.

Collaborate & Co-create

Partnerships with our clients based on shared knowledge are at the heart of our approach. Our product design consultants and R&D team integrate seamlessly with our clients’ in-house teams through our project management platform. Great working relationships, between ourselves and with our clients deliver great results.

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Technically Focused

We know how things work and how to make them work. We utilise a range of technical disciplines spanning industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic and product design and manufacturing. It’s rational thinking and results orientated.

Commercially Driven

However big the vision or ambitious the scope, our approach is always rooted in commercial reality and focused on objective, results orientated goals. Our rigorous processes help to drive the achievement of competitive advantage and the creation of valuable IP.

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Build & Test

Real world testing helps us build better products. Therefore, we use prototyping throughout the process. This ranges from quick testing of ideas at the exploratory stages of a project to ongoing prototyping in real materials, right through to the finished product. We utilise the latest rapid prototyping and conventional manufacturing methods technologies to validate ideas, get user feedback and prove concepts. This ability to repeatedly build and test means that we are continually fine tuning ideas into a perfect result.

& Apply
We integrate different disciplines to answer complex challenges. We apply expertise in mechanical, electronic and software engineering to build products which are faster, smarter and more accurate. Just as the best user experiences are seamless, so is our approach to creating them.

Accelerated Discovery

We have the expertise to rapidly build completely integrated electromechanical systems to test the viability of ideas. We accelerate our learning and reach valuable conclusions more swiftly.

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Detailed & Precise

Our focus on results requires detail and precision. As well as developing products and devices we manufacture, assemble and test. We have extensive in-house capabilities for specialised, low volume devices and call on a global network of trusted manufacturers to deliver anything from one offs to mass production.

Measure & Analyse

We use creative thinking to originate fresh ideas, but we use a scientific approach to explore and validate. We use rigorous measurement and scientific analysis to prove that our recommendation is the best solution. It’s a mix of magic and logic, inspiration and rigour.

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We specialise in smart devices – aesthetically pleasing user experiences that enable and delight. Our software expertise helps to provide the product personalities that make this possible. From the firmware which runs on our embedded systems to PC and mobile software with which it interacts, we provide seamless control software for the devices we develop.
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