Smart jewellery tracks your mood and fitness

Intricate smart jewellery prototype

For an emerging niche, this versatile jewellery tracks the sun and moon’s influence on fitness, mood and sleep quality.

The client’s vision of unique smart-jewellery required a single consultancy, one that could develop a working prototype entirely in house.

Our integrated approach eliminated the need for a design consultancy, an electronic-design company and a software-design firm – and all the coordination and communication challenges working with several companies would create. We did it all.

The piece needed to transition between bespoke necklace and bracelet, while functioning as a high-tech wearable that tracked the moon and sun’s relationships on the wearer’s mood, fitness and sleep patterns.

Streamlined process

Software, microelectronics and aesthetic design come together in steamlined processes at the forefront of the smart-jewellery movement.

Moontrak was created entirely by our multi-disciplinary team, moving quickly from concept and design to working prototype, with an app that tracks fitness and sleep quality in relation to the sun’s and moon’s phases.

With free-flowing communication channels, each member of the team could react quickly and efficiently, ensuring fast, seamless solutions, balancing aesthetics, electronics and mechanics, and dealing with challenges head on.

A pioneer in smart jewellery

Fusing microelectronics with versatile jewellery design

Working on a microscale, the multifaceted team fashioned a tactile metal wearable that segues between bracelet and necklace to suit the wearer’s mood.

Intricate electronics, technological features and pleasing aesthetics interact seamlessly with the mobile app, also developed by the Ignitec team.

Moontrak is a holistic approach to understanding the age-old relationship between the universe and day to day life, leading the way in an emerging niche within the world of smart-jewellery.

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