Product Design

Gaming is growing, the gamer demographic is expanding, and game-play styles are developing.

The Game Is Changing

For the delight of pro and casual gamers alike, we research, design, build, test and validate hardware and software control systems. Think headsets and mice, keyboards, gamepads and VR control products.

No longer the domain of the hardcore few, gaming is now a world of smart devices, all-powerful gaming accessories in our pockets and hyper-realistic gameplay. Super-powerful hardware, PCs and consoles at home are the product of an environment where gaming is a welcome release at the end of a stressful day.

With gaming companies launching professional leagues and salaried eSports athletes revered as role models, we’re in a world constantly on the look-out for the greatest accessories, the next big gaming product and ever-more realistic software.

We help organisations develop new gaming software and design gaming hardware that exceed gamers’ expectations – hardcore and casual alike.