Data Logging
Lab Devices

In our design and development of complex, sensor-based data logging devices, our objective is always to answer two questions: is it better and how much better is it?

Defining Benchmarks and Setting Standards

Our philosophy is centered around helping our clients be the first and be the best. From the sports field to the lab; whatever “the best” looks like in your industry, we can help define benchmarks and set new standards.

We design and build bespoke sensor-based data-logging hardware with fully integrated smart software to find new and better ways to do things. Whether we’re working on devices for sports performance or equipment for laboratory-based experiments, our drive is to help clients be the first and be the best in their industry.

In the niche industries we work in – sports performance, microfluidics, airflow, heating and heat-transfer systems –, data is king, and the data-logging systems we design give our clients the confidence to leap ahead of the competition.