Turn: A prestigious A’ Design Award winner

Posted by Lucy Cripps 29.10.2018

At Ignitec, we love it when the products we develop, design and dream up win awards and gain recognition – it’s a wonderful achievement for both our clients and us. And that’s exactly what happened with award-winning Turn.

Meet the product: Turn

Turn is a distinctive real-world device that controls smart-home software. It’s designed to feel at home and fit beautifully into the lives of our client’s discerning clientele.

Ideaworks’ technology director Oz Andrews said, “Every element of Turn has been designed to create an incredible user experience; we are really pleased that this has been recognised.”

Meet the award: A’ Design Award

The A’ Digital and Electronic Devices Design Competition celebrates freestyle design whether in the concept stage or as a realised product. More than ‘just another award’, the A’ Design Award for Digital and Electronic Devices is an internationally recognised award that indicates quality and perfection in design.

Why did Turn win?

As a synergic connection between the digital and analogue worlds, every element of Turn was designed to create an exceptional smart-home user experience. It has an uncluttered configurable interface, intuitive control in a beautifully crafted glass display and a refined look and feel.

How was Ignitec involved with Turn?

Ideaworks gave Ignitec a brief to create a timeless mechanical design that would enhance smart-home interactions in the most elegant spaces. We found inspiration in the intricacy and craftsmanship of Swiss timepieces, where delicate mechanics work in harmony with an exquisite aesthetic.

The idea was to create refined analogue elegance to control ever-developing smart-home digital technology. Our task was to find a natural balance between the two worlds and deliver the ultimate interactive smart-home experience.

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