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Prototype Design, Rigs and R&D

We believe in gaining deeper understanding; in thinking and building devices which do amazing things. We promote agile development and exploration through prototyping.

Our prototyping expertise spans mechanical design, electronic design and software design. This expertise combined with creative thinking and scientific process means we develop some very special low volume devices, working prototypes, technology demonstrators and test rigs. We work with clients to create seeds of ideas, validating them through prototyping and turning them into devices which demonstrate significant leaps in technology. Our approach culminates in working devices and software which demonstrate new ideas and creates value for our clients in the form of Intellectual Property.


Mechanical prototypes


Electronic prototypes


Aesthetic prototypes


Software prototypes

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Prototype Design

We take a hands-on approach; perfecting moments of interaction through through the tactile senses. Through rapid iterations of building and testing we create memorable experiences which leave lasting impressions.

We utilise wide ranging rapid prototyping technologies to quickly realise design concepts, test theories and produce working mechanical models. It allows for the rapid development and refinement of functional parts and mechanisms; finding the perfect ergonomics or the most pleasing snap. This means we arrive at mature design solutions faster, with fewer iterations and less guesswork. We use cutting edge rapid prototyping technologies such as Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and Direct Metal Laser Sintering to rapidly test fit and function. When creating specialist devices we also use CNC machining to produce parts in exotic, high performance composites and real world engineering materials.



Prototype Design

We create prototype electronic control systems and sensors to prove smart new ways of doing things. Because we design, assemble and test all of our electronics in-house and utilise our own, purpose built development kits, our process is fast and effective. Our smart process means we spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time focusing one the unique things which bring value to your business.

When it comes to electronic prototyping and proving new and innovative ways of doing things which are better, we believe in spending less time doing the things which have already been done and more time finding the things which are unique and innovative. That is why we have created a range of our own modules and development kits for wearables, IoT and other smart devices, these template devices provide a rapid platform to build upon and serve as an invaluable tool when being first to market is critical.

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Prototype Design

We create aesthetic prototypes that inspire trust, gain stakeholder approval and communicate a clear vision and compelling design intent.

Aesthetic prototypes are as close as you can get to the real thing; they communicate colour, material and finish and give an accurate impression of the final product, allowing all stakeholders to gain an understanding of how the product will look and what it will be like to use. They are ideal for marketing photography and demonstrating to stakeholders as well as for communicating final design intent to manufacturers.


Software & App

Prototype Design

We create great software experiences that delight users through rapid iterations of observation and testing

Applications represent the smartest part of the devices we design, they form the critical interface between human and machine. It controls complex devices and presents data in beautiful and meaningful ways. We develop software prototypes to explore interactions and user experience in the context of functional pieces of software which can be easily changed and adapted. The benefit is the ability to hone the user experience, understand task flow, confusions and frustrations and streamline task completion before undertaking the more in-depth development.

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Whatever stage of development you are are at, we have the expertise to design and build rapid proof of concept prototypes, rigs and demonstrators. Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you prototype your new devices and software faster.

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