Ignitec is now Cyber Essentials certified

Posted by Ben Mazur 20.08.2019

Cybersecurity is becoming a big concern for businesses with hacks, scams, data breaches and ransomware costing billions of pounds each year. And the trend shows a significant increase in these threats year on year. Worryingly, recent research suggests that most companies are poorly or completely unprotected from online threats. One of the most publicised attacks in recent years was the Wannacry virus in 2017, infecting more than 400,000 machines and causing damage estimated to cost $4 billion. One of the hardest hit organisations was the NHS which was said to have lost £92 million after 200,000 outdated systems were affected across the trust.

The Government’s National Cyber Security Centre worked with the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF) to develop Cyber Essentials, a set of technical controls to help organisations protect themselves against common online security threats.

At Ignitec we treat our clients’ data with extreme care. We recognise the threats from online attacks and the trust our clients place in us when they share commercially sensitive data. We appreciate the value that this data has to our clients’ businesses and the commercial risks should this data be lost or stolen. This Cyber Essentials certification is evidence of our on-going commitment to the privacy and security of our client data.

We examined vulnerabilities in our existing IT infrastructure, simulated scams and attacks, trained our staff and totally redesigned the way in which we control access to data and how it is transmitted. Throughout this process we implemented new procedures and took extensive measures to maximise security and keep our client’s data safe from attacks.

The measures we have put in place to achieve our Cyber Essentials certification have met with the standards as laid out by the National Cyber Security Centre and extend far beyond. It means that we can say to our clients with confidence that our networks and IT systems are robust and secure and any data which they share with us will be kept safe from online threats.