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Why do clients keep coming back to us? Many reasons – the quality of our ideas, how we think creatively, our rigorous processes, the breadth of our knowledge and skills, how we connect different disciplines for commercial advantage. But most of all, it’s because our approach and process keeps delivering results.
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We always look for that leap of the imagination, the different way of looking at a problem.

We ask questions, gather insight, brainstorm and evaluate new ideas. Our ability to research and test our thinking, as well as our understanding of trends and technology, ensures that our ideas stay relevant and sharply focused. Through rapid iterations of thinking, building and testing, utilising cutting edge development tools, we prove the potential and feasibility of new ideas.


We put a huge amount of effort into making ingenuity seem effortless.

Designers, engineers, scientists and technologists work together to transform an idea into a minimum viable product. We ask the right questions in order to understand the new product’s benefits, flaws and limitations. We investigate how the product will work, how it can be better and what that looks like. And right through this process, our focus on the end user ensures that our thinking works within a real-world context.

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Whatever the challenge, we bring infectious energy balanced with detailed technical and scientific knowledge.

We refine the product idea via extensive electronic and mechanical development, validated through prototyping and user testing. By combining ISO 9001 rigour with smart thinking, we arrive at a mature, resolved design solution that has been fully reviewed, tested and evaluated in the field.


We always remember that great ideas are worthless unless they can be made a reality.  

As well as in-house manufacturing capabilities, we work closely with selected manufacturing and technology partners, both in the UK and abroad. These established partnerships allow us to offer clients a truly seamless approach. They form a vital support network and enhance our ability to bring products speedily to market.

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