Re-thinking the future

We are a product design consultancy, creative technology studio and R&D lab.

We are a product design consultancy, we create the landmark products of tomorrow. We call them ‘game changers’ – products that shake up markets, drive company fortunes and re-draw consumer expectations. Guided by a spirit of boldness and ambition, we help global businesses to seize opportunities and shape the future.

We create smart products for the mass market. 

We deliver R&D that explores a new technology and generates IP. 

We create unique devices for specialist applications.

We are an expert, multidisciplinary team of thinkers, engineers, scientists and designers connecting ideas with technology. We specialise in industrial, electronic and software design, mechanical design and engineering and rapid prototyping, uniting big picture vision with superb attention to detail, creative inspiration with rigorous methodology. It’s a distinctive combination of different skills and perspectives, capable of addressing the most technical challenges in emerging markets.